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Ending Antidepressant Treatment

After about 18 years of non-stop, mostly ineffective antidepressant treatment, I’ve brought this long experiment to an end. I had been wearing Emsam patches for the past six years, but I’ve been fairly sure for some time that they had stopped working. It seems I was right. Getting off the drug has made no difference at all in how I feel. It’s been a non-event. I haven’t had a relapse, [...] Read the rest»

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Taking Emsam: A Different Kind of Antidepressant

Since I’ve written several posts on my growing worries about antidepressants, I thought I’d tell you about the one I’m taking now. Emsam has worked for me longer than any other, and the dietary restrictions it requires have been a small price to pay. Among antidepressants, the MAOI class has been relegated to 3rd or 4th tier treatment after other medications have failed. That’s how I started taking Emsam. After [...] Read the rest»

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How Well-Being Therapy Works

The need for an innovative treatment like Well-Being Therapy hits you hard when you learn a bit about relapse. It happens – a lot. In fact, the majority of people who recover from depression will relapse in the months or perhaps years following the end of symptoms. Medications don’t prevent it, neither does cognitive behavioral therapy, and those are the frontline treatments now in use to maintain recovery. They have [...] Read the rest»

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What Doctors Do When Depression is a Pain

I’ve had my share of problems with pain as well as with depression, but it never occurred to me to link the two until recently. Apparently, that’s true for most people with major depression, especially if physical pain is the first sign of the illness. They know they’re in pain, and depression is the last thing on their minds. A lot of primary care physicians also miss that link, and [...] Read the rest»

What Can Help Prevent Depression Relapse?

Depression has an especially cruel season called relapse. It always happens after the worst seems to be over; hope like sunlight is restored; life without depression is in full bloom. Then suddenly it’s winter again. The more often it happened to me, the more impossible the goal of recovery seemed to become. I was surprised to read recently in Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy for Depression that relapse has received attention from [...] Read the rest»

Healing Depression through the Emotional Brain

I’ve tried many methods for treating my own depression over the years but have most consistently relied on medication and psychotherapy. Most of the therapies I’ve tried, however, have not produced last relief from the illness. I think that’s because they often miss the emotional core of depression. Instead of taking it on directly, most therapies try to bombard it from a strategic position outside the perimeter. Mostly, they emphasize [...] Read the rest»

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Martin Seligman’s Approach to Cognitive Therapy

Many people with depression believe that nothing good will ever happen for them. The norm is failure and disappointment, the exception is success, and when something good does happen, it doesn’t count. This is just the sort of inner belief and self-talk that cognitive therapy addresses, and one of its leading advocates is Martin Seligman. He explains his version of the cognitive approach, as well as the research behind it, [...] Read the rest»

A Brief History of My Meds

Some Rights Reserved by at Flickr Over at Health Central, I’ve put up a post called My 20 Meds. It’s about the trial and error process I went through to find a medication for depression that gave me more help than harm. The interesting thing is that none of the newer antidepressants worked for very long. The most effective have belonged to older classes of drugs. The first one [...] Read the rest»