Fighting Depression

On Health Central: How One Man Fights Depression

Some Rights Reserved by prudencebrown121 at Flickr My new post at Health Central talks about picking up on the early warning signs of depression. Since I tend to need a big picture to figure out what to do, I found it when forced by desperation to look closely at my own self-defeating behavior. That was a key recognition that helped me spot the emergence of depression. It may seem hard [...] Read the rest»

Making Decisions When Depressed

Like so many, I experience depression in various forms, yet each in its own way knocks out the decision control center in my mind. At times, I scramble in anxiety and can’t focus enough to pick out one among many possibilities. At other times, I don’t care about choosing – or anything else for that matter – and I let the alternatives fall where they may. Or I make all [...] Read the rest»

Depression, Praise & Undoing Success

On my good days, praise is exciting, gratifying to hear. On my bad days, until recently, praise launched the automated program called Undoing Success. It started with a weight of doom sinking into the center of my chest. There followed in quick succession an attack of intense anxiety and a mental emptying of every idea and word I’d ever known about the subject at hand. If a teacher in school [...] Read the rest»

The Gift of Belief

A strange thing happened recently in the midst of confusion over multiple recovery strategies. I suddenly realized that something had changed deep down – at the level of basic belief about myself. But before I can explain, I need to back up for a moment. I’ve been searching for some time to find the right combination of therapies, medication, spiritual practice, physical activity – anything and everything I could work [...] Read the rest»

Authenticity and Recovery

Some Rights Reserved by solidariat at Flickr This is the first time I’ve participated in a blog carnival, and I’m grateful to Evan of wellbeingandheath for inviting me to contribute a post on the theme of authenticity. As soon as I heard that word, I realized how central authenticity is to recovery from major depression, but I had never before reframed the process in that way. What’s changed in my [...] Read the rest»

Grief for a Faithful Shepherd

Here is a revision of another early post on this blog. I journaled this a few years ago right after the death of our dog. Writing it down helped me to realize the difference between grief and depression. At times, early steps to recovery can be taken in the midst of pain. Today we lost Maggie, our aussie who showed us what shepherding was all about. She was four months [...] Read the rest»

Writing to Get Through Today’s Depression

Some Rights Reserved by Thomas Hawk at Flickr This is a revision of the first post I wrote for this blog. It came from a journal that I worked at daily for a time, and that experience convinced me that writing about depression was one way I could fight it more actively. I will be publishing revised versions of several early posts over the next few weeks. Fear wakens with [...] Read the rest»

Days of Anxiety – 2

George Eliot wrote these lines in Middlemarch about 135 years ago: If we had a keen vision and feeling of all ordinary human life, it would be like hearing the grass grow and the squirrel’s heart beat, and we should die of that roar which lies on the other side of silence. In the midst of severe anxiety or panic I have heard something like that roar and found there [...] Read the rest»