Recover from Depression Ebook

“A Mind for Life” Ebook Is Now Available

I’m happy to announce that A Mind for Life, my ebook on recovery from depression, is now available. Unlike many recent books about how to deal with the illness, this one focuses on the inner work of change rather than medical treatments and experience with antidepressants. It may not be for everyone, but it captures the struggle I’ve had to face in overcoming internal resistance to change and in mastering [...] Read the rest»


On Writing a Recovery Ebook

I want to give you an overview of my new ebook on recovery from depression and hopefully get your thoughts on the approach I’m taking. Even though I’ve written a great deal about recovery, I have found it difficult to pull my experiences together in the more organized form a book demands. It’s so much easier to write about the miseries of the condition when it’s controlling your life than [...] Read the rest»

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Learning How to Live Well Again

One of the strange things about recovering from depression is that the condition is so pervasive getting better can feel like learning how to live all over again. There’s a lot of disagreement about what recovery means and whether that is even the right word to capture the changes you undergo. Because there is so much variety in the ways of healing and the goals of wellness, I’m finding it [...] Read the rest»

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Starting on a Path toward Acceptance

As I try to get used to the idea of accepting rather than fighting depression, I realize that I start with good preparation. Although I haven’t worked with a therapist trained in any of the acceptance and mindfulness therapies, some of the principles I’ve been learning about remind me of things I have been doing for some time. Skills for Recovery Granted I have developed these skills while holding to [...] Read the rest»

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A Recovery Valentine Revisited

There is a powerful moment in the film, Tender Mercies, when the lead character, hearing of the death of someone close to him, says he hates happiness. “You can’t trust it.” I learned many lessons like that when young. For a long time, I was fearful of a happiness that seemed to depend on being with someone. That was the only happiness I could imagine since I felt so empty [...] Read the rest»

Conversation on Depression

Can Depression Make Us Better People?

Depression can collapse your life the way an earthquake can take down a city. So how could this same depression make us better people? Tom Wootton takes the idea farther than anyone else with his belief that depression can be a beautiful part of your life. Most of us haven’t imagined such a possibility but have searched for the positive side of the illness, especially after living with it for [...] Read the rest»

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Tom Wootton and the Depression Advantage

Tom Wootton says that a few years ago he would have screamed if anyone had said there was an advantage to depression. So, to get a bit in your face, he named his book, The Depression Advantage. And that book came after The Bipolar Advantage. I didn’t scream when I saw those titles. As I recall, there was some seething, groaning, a “not another one of those!” – but no [...] Read the rest»

A New Storied Mind Is on the Way

Starting early next week, I’ll be updating this site with a new design and theme. The changeover will enable Storied Mind to incorporate several features that haven’t been possible until now. I’ve also decided to combine the Recover Life from Depression blog with this one. There has been a difference in emphasis between the two, but it feels artificial to split my work in this way. The combined site will [...] Read the rest»