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There are a lot of good sources for information about depression, and it can be hard to know where to turn. This overview brings together posts that highlight excellent books, films, websites and personal blogs. There are many additional listings and links you can find at Information Websites and Personal Blogs.

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My Top 5 Movies on Depression

Movies about the realities of depression aren’t usually popular or profitable. As a result, there aren’t many that probe the condition deeply and honestly. The five films in this post are the best I’ve seen for the realism and dramatic power of their stories and the excellence of acting and production. There are many more good movies I’ll write about, but these come to mind first. I hope you’ll add [...]

My Top Books for Understanding Depression and Recovery – 2

Understanding depression and getting serious about recovery take a lot of searching. Reading is one of easiest tools to use, and the classic books in this highly personal list may help you get started. They have opened my mind to dimensions of healing I had never before paid much attention to. In particular, the five books I describe in this post have sharpened my sense of what life could be [...]

My Top Books for Understanding Depression and Recovery – 1

Every list of top books on depression is highly personal, and mine may be more so than most. I’ve left out several of the standards you’ll find in other lists, though they’ll all be included in the Resources section of this site. I’ve added others that cover far more than this illness because they’ve helped me make progress in recovery. They’ve deepened my understanding of healing and the sources of [...]

Review of Mary Ellen Copeland’s “The Depression Workbook”

Doing the exercises in Mary Ellen Copeland’s The Depression Workbook is the only way to get its full value as a self-help recovery resource. A workbook is as useful as you make it. You can skim to get the gist, dismiss it as too basic or obvious to help you, and put it down. Or you might stop at the sight of all those exercises and directions because you feel [...]

5 Top Sites on Living with Depression

There are hundreds of websites with advice about depression, but the most helpful for me are the blogs that present original, thoughtful and well-written ideas based on personal experience. I come back again and again to a few where I’ve found insight and support for recovery, useful information and communities of readers who add their own stories. The creators of the five sites I’ve listed here consistently and frequently post [...]

7 Reasons to Use Depression Workbooks as Part of a Recovery Plan

I was about to give this post a different title: 7 Reasons for You to Use Workbooks … . But I have to be honest. I’ve never completed the written exercises in a workbook or followed through on all the recommended daily practices. Sure, I’ve read several and have found a lot of interesting ideas in them. But really work with one as its author intended? No. It’s time to [...]

Helen: A Great Film on Depression

Helen is the most accurate and moving portrayal of depression and its impact that you’re ever likely to see in a dramatic film. It may have slipped by you when released a few years ago since there was limited distribution. If you haven’t done so, see it now. If you’ve been struggling with depression, you’ll recognize the truth in every scene – a viewing experience I often found hard to [...]

5 Good Documentaries about Depression

One of the most powerful ways I know to understand depression is to watch movies about people trying to live with it. There’s nothing so compelling and moving as listening to the words and seeing the faces of folks who are struggling to tell their stories in front of a camera. If you’ve lived through depression, you’ve likely felt exactly what these people describe. Watching someone else open up can [...]

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