Inability to Escape Depression

If You Can’t Escape Depression, You Can Try Making Do

It's hard to escape depression when it dominates your mind. The illness has many faces, but its most visible one is your own. You see it everywhere because you can't stop thinking about what's wrong with you. The illness is filtering out everything that would disturb your isolation - like brighter feelings, hope, the reaching out of a loved one, self-confidence, the energy to connect with people. It keeps your mind roiling with your flops, dumb mistakes, broken relationships, and acid self-contempt. When you're well, you can lose yourself in the daily flow of living, but when you're depressed you never lose yourself. Read the rest»

Depression and Worry: Tales of Mere Existence

I hope you enjoy these classics. They’re good notes to end the summer on. 1. How to Cope with Depression Lev Yilmaz: If you’re feeling down, go to your Co-Workers, Elders, Family and Friends for help. They are sure to give you great, great advice… 2. Things I Have Worried About Lev Yilmaz: Just a few things I have worried about over the years… Watch more Tales of Mere Existence Read the rest»

Flying Fragments

Trying to Find Hope After Your Partner Leaves – 1

There are many strains that depression imposes on relationships, and the most extreme can lead to a sudden break-up. Depressed partners seem to change overnight, turn on their loved ones and decide to leave. They may offer an explanation, but many refuse to communicate at all. The abandoned partner is desperate to do something but often has no idea what might be possible or what to hope for. I went [...] Read the rest»