Guilt, Grief and Regeneration

A breakthrough to healing can come at the most unexpected time. The other night I was trying to divert myself by watching a mystery episode from an old British series. Instead of taking my mind off things, this story pushed me into a past history I had long kept at a safe distance. The film built its story around a soldier haunted by his experience of violent death in Bosnia, [...] Read the rest»

Am I Normal? Am I Depressed?

Some Rights Reserved by notsogoodphotography at Flickr Which insightfully bewildered comic strip character was it who said: I never knew what I was missing until I lost it? I read that line about ten years ago after a series of surgeries had removed a few expendable body parts and left me in a lot of pain during the weeks of recovery. Suddenly I thought of all the things a healthy [...] Read the rest»

Searching for a Way Out of Depression

Some Rights Reserved by fdecomite at Flickr In a previous post I started thinking aloud if my stance toward depression could change from hostility toward an invader to the acceptance of a primal force in my make-up, something that was giving me a message I was imperfectly grasping. I’ve found a remarkable book that helps me respond with new energy to this terrible condition. It is Julia Kristeva’s Black Sun. [...] Read the rest»