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Review of Mary Ellen Copeland’s “The Depression Workbook”

Doing the exercises in Mary Ellen Copeland’s The Depression Workbook is the only way to get its full value as a self-help recovery resource. A workbook is as useful as you make it. You can skim to get the gist, dismiss it as too basic or obvious to help you, and put it down. Or you might stop at the sight of all those exercises and directions because you feel [...] Read the rest»

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7 Reasons to Use Depression Workbooks as Part of a Recovery Plan

I was about to give this post a different title: 7 Reasons for You to Use Workbooks … . But I have to be honest. I’ve never completed the written exercises in a workbook or followed through on all the recommended daily practices. Sure, I’ve read several and have found a lot of interesting ideas in them. But really work with one as its author intended? No. It’s time to [...] Read the rest»

Lost in Place, Finding Home

Simple things can overwhelm, turn me upside down, submerge who I am in a great wave. I was turned over once as a kid, swimming at a beach near LA, the ocean churning and huge. I tried to jump into a breaker and ride it in, but the surge tossed me up in its gritty gnash of turgid green, where I whirled about, then smashed head first into the sand. [...] Read the rest»

Healing & the Power of Place

Some Rights Reserved by frapestaartje at Flickr In a couple of excellent posts, Susan at the Wellness Writer has written about ecotherapy, a form of treatment that seeks to restore the lost connections with the natural world that are essential to health. (She cites a new book of, the same name as a good introduction.) Of course, reconnecting is an important part of wellness, but it drove home the fact [...] Read the rest»

Stopping Time, Stopping Depression

Are you ever able to get away from time in the sense of measuring what you do, day in, day out? I can’t seem to escape it very often, but I’m convinced that doing so is one of the ways I get myself out of depression. Of course, the clock is omnipresent, and almost all activities in the daily world are measured against it. Most people, with their usual ups [...] Read the rest»

Healing, Butterflies and Hawks

At times, emerging from depression seems like a gift. I’ve written before about a sudden shift, a kind of renewal, that occurred when crossing a shallow stream. In my experience, healing may come from a special place more effectively than from medication. I became sensitized to the power of certain places through years of work with Native American communities. Once a Tewa friend pointed out the number of locations in [...] Read the rest»